AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the largest and most vibrant community, with millions of active customers and hundreds of partners around the globe. It is a crucial cloud computing platform that Amazon offers. However, the cloud market is quickly expanding and has embraced AWS to a large extent. As many enterprises use this technology globally for cloud migration, AWS has become a substantial income producer for the company Amazon. In addition, AWS Certifications came into force in 2013 and have shown tremendous demand internationally since most firms use AWS for various functions such as Data Science, Business Analytics, IoT, etc. Moreover, there is a rise in the demand for skilled professionals who have competency in this cloud computing environment. Thus, to overcome such requirements, any interested candidate looking for a career in this domain may be entrusted to aws online training and certification to advance their career goals.

AWS Certification: Meaning

Amazon Web Service introduced the AWS Certification in 2013 and has seen a massive increase in global demand. However, such certification is a part of the gold standard certification that elevates your cloud computing abilities to a new level. It also assists you in obtaining a more prominent profession in cloud computing. As a result, AWS Certification Exam training is a means for you to discover how to apply the in-demand abilities required for the IT industry to create and manage software solutions on Amazon's ultra-popular cloud platform.

Different AWS Certification Available

It doesn't matter whether you're a software developer, application architect, system administrator, database administrator, Big Data Analyst, or sales or purchasing professional AWS credentials can help you develop a successful career in the cloud computing domain.

However, you can divide Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification training into two broad categories, which are as follows:

AWS Fundamentals Certifications

  • This certification focuses on three areas of expertise; architecture, development, and operations. However, this certification is available in three skill levels; Foundational, Associate, and Professional.
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • Associate AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate
  • Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Professional level AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional

AWS Specialty Certifications

This certification verifies advanced knowledge, particularly in IT fields such as information security, networking, and big data.

  • AWS Big Data Specialty Certification
  • AWS Advanced Networking - Specialty Certification
  • Specialty AWS Security Certification
  • Specialty AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning-Specialty

Advantages of getting AWS Certification

If you are eager to know why you should get AWS Certifications, it is necessary to understand the importance of such certifications. However, AWS Certifications are beneficial to pursue due to several reasons:

  • AWS certification verifies a person's abilities and understanding of the cloud computing platform.
  • Such credentials are one of the highest-paying information-technology qualifications in the world.
  • If you have AWS qualifications, several Top MNC firms are looking for ambitious cloud professionals with top-income positions.
  • The certification also provides industry-wide trustworthy training and well-designed technical knowledge.

Moreover, the most significant advantage of acquiring AWS credentials is that it gives you credibility and devotion in your cloud computing professional path. Also, a professional may come upon a network of like-minded colleagues and thought leaders in the middle of the training session.

Companies hiring AWS Certified Professionals

If we talk about the future scope of AWS, its cloud service has a promising career and future. As a result, many leading IT businesses have shifted to AWS since it provides different services to clients. Here, some of the companies include the following:

  • Adobe
  • Airbnb
  • BMW
  • Canon
  • Citrix
  • British Gas
  • Coinbase
  • Docker
  • Guardian News & Media
  • Financial Times
  • Coinbase
  • Autodesk
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Coursera
  • European Space Agency
  • General Electric

Jobs Available to AWS Certified Professional

After completing your AWS certification, you will have options to explore several job opportunities with a good salary package. So, if you are AWS certified, several sought-after work prospects are open to you. Thus, here is a look at the top AWS jobs you can get with an AWS certification.

  • Cloud Developer
  • Operational Support Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud System Integrator
  • AWS SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • Senior AWS Cloud Architect

Salary & Future Scope of AWS Certification

AWS certificates are excellent technical qualifications with the best earning opportunities worldwide. The reason is that AWS certificates help to acknowledge a candidate's hands-on experience and best lab practices. However, the average income for a professional AWS certification with one year of work experience is approximately Rs. 397,015. Moreover, the telecom industry pays the most for AWS-certified experts, with a package of around Rs. 424,266 per year. Keep in mind that the salary of AWS-certified professionals varies as per experience and location.


To conclude, we have compiled an article on the future scope of AWS Certification, which can help newbies and experienced individuals to start their careers in cloud computing. Alternatively, they can take the help of AWS Training in Delhi for a more advanced approach to start working professionally as an AWS developer.